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Heng music website guide

Issuing time:2019-06-01 11:15

HengMusic is committed to integrating Heng LIU's original works with video/audio on this website.

Works: the original percussion works created by Heng LIU, some of them can be seen in the works introduction video link or audio link.

Video: video by Heng LIU.

Music: the original music created by Heng LIU, mainly integrates non-classical percussion music, and more music can be searched on various music platforms (xiami, QQ music, netease cloud music)

Specials : be like title.

About me: Bio and resume of Heng LIU.

Contact: contact Heng LIU through email or website message, get the music score created by Heng LIU.

Chinese /EN: this site offers simplified Chinese and English versions, as well as mobile versions.

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